Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 has serious performance decreasing memory bug



We’ve just posted the following news: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 has serious performance decreasing memory bug[newsimage]http://static.myce.com//images_posts/2015/01/myce-nvidia-geforce-gtx-970-3qtr-95x75.png[/newsimage]

Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 owners complain that their graphic card’s performance decreases as soon as more than 3.5GB VRAM is in use.

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nVidia has given a response, indicating that they know about it and it is not really a bug. Well, it’s not a bug in that they were willing to ship the device knowing about this design oddity. Their statement makes it seem as if accessing the last 512 MB introduced an additional overhead, so it was better to limit use to the former 3.5 GB as long as all the textures & such can fit into that allotment of memory. Continuing to ask more of the card (using higher resolutions &/or higher quality filters) to get a more detailed image will result in the card eventually making use of the 512 MB partition; at that point, the tradeoff (whatever tradeoff it is) would be worth it. So at least the memory isn’t dead & unusable.


These new Maxwell architecture cards are totally awesome, they use half the power and do 20% more than the 700 series.Â


…yeah, but’s still defective by design…what a shame.


The design was flawed and NVIDIA’s response demonstrates that they knowingly shipped it without updating the product information, specs, etc. If I purchase a card advertised as being 4 GB then I expect the 4 GB to be fully usable. NVIDIA can’t dance around this one. I don’t see how this won’t result in a class action fraud case.


Here is a funny Video on the subject