NVIDIA enables 3D Blu-ray



I just posted the article NVIDIA enables 3D Blu-ray.

3D Blu-ray movies are coming to a PC near you.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/nvidia-enables-3d-blu-ray-30065/](http://www.myce.com/news/nvidia-enables-3d-blu-ray-30065/)

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Wow, those are some cool glasses. I can’t wait to be the first sucker, umm, I mean person, to get them.

Sooo… I’m just reading the requirements. Hmm… oh oh.

If I have a 2D television, I’m SOL.
If I have an ATI card, I’m SOL.
If I’m running a PC with Windows XP, I’m SOL.

Nice. Where do I sign up?


Wow, I can’t believe they don’t have XP support. They must really NOT want to sell them, lol.


Xp doesn’t support the version of UDF required to read Blurays. Extra software (UDF driver) is required.

Anyone with a $200 bluray drive in their PC, is likely to already have a monster machine, and 64b version of windows, and probably already running the 3D beta drivers :stuck_out_tongue:
Besides … Quad-core is sooo 3years ago … anyone who is anyone has a Hex-Core :stuck_out_tongue:

So … AMD/ATI is playing catchup again?