Nvidia drivers can overclock?

is it true that all recent nvidia drivers are capable of overclocking vid cards? i have a younger cousin at home and the last thing i want is for him to mess around and overclock my gf6600 pcie by 200%, so can anyone confirm this? i’m currently using the default factory cd drivers for my card, thank you.

Not by default. It requires a reg hack to be imported called coolbits to enable this. Software Overclocking is no where near as dangerous as hardware or BIOS level Overclocking.

back then on my old tnt2 card i could always update the drivers and not having to worry a thing, but now i’m still using the cd driver since i don’t want to risk my cousin messing it all up, yet at the same time the “update driver” chant continues to linger in my head; i can’t update yet i want ot update, is this what they called an “irony”?

As long as he doesn’t have access to your nVidia enhanced driver configuration (my desktop properties, advanced, etc), he can’t enable it, neither overlock it.