NVIDIA driver problem

Ok, so I’m very much a newbie. Here’s the deal. Almost every time I watch a video, my computer freaks out. The screen goes black, and usually the audio will stutter as if it’s trying to work. Then usually my computer will freeze up and I’ll either have to manually shut it down or it will restart. The error usually says something about “blus screen” or something abuot the NVIDIA driver. I don’t know what to do.
My computer is an HP Pavillion Entertainment PC. Nothing special. I bought it last year. I have all the general software that came with it (windows vista etc). I’m not sure what other info is needed to help me with this problem, but please do help. I’d greatly appreciate it.


Can you tell us the exact model HP that you have?

Do you know if you have integrated video or if you have a separate video card?

Are these videos on the net or are you playing them from the hard drive? Do you have a dvd drive and if so, can you play dvd movies successfully in it?

It’s a dv6000. I’m almost certain it has an integrated video card. The videos are on the net, but I haven’t tried a dvd yet.

The funny part is that it doesn’t happen all the time. Sometimes I can watch a full length movie on Hulu and it’ll be fine and other times a couple minutes in it’ll freak out. I’ll try a dvd and see what happens. thanks for your looking into this for me! :slight_smile:

Going to the HP site and typing in DV6000 gives me 48 different laptop models. Look here.

Unless you can differentiate it a bit more, I won’t be able to tell you which drivers to use with your computer.

I do know that some of the integrated video chips from Nvidia were having problems in the very recent past. G84 and G86 chips are suspect, mainly due to heat problems. I don’t know if you have this particular problem though.

Do a Google search on G84 and G86 problems and you’ll find some interesting results.