nVidia Driver for 256 MB GeForce 6800GT vs. Windows XP64 Corporate (Pro)

New installation. This time I used 64-bit Windows XP, as I have an AMD X2 Athlon64 3800+ Dual Core CPU. When I came to installing my VGA driver, Windows didn’t allow this/these driver(s) to run. I found that dubious, so I manually sought out the Setup.exe and did it anyway…

And boy was I in for an unfriendly surprise. After restart, my screen res was locked in 640x480 of 4 bit color. 4 bit!. That’s 16 colors, right?

Am I right in assuming that I need not install this driver for my VGA card to run properly, since it rather seems as if the screen res options were exactly the same as when I installed my VGA driver over Windows XP x86? I’d like to note that while Windows XP files were being installed, my monitor shortly blacked out, after which it refocused again for a total number of four times, which I believe was reminiscent of video drivers being installed.