Nvidia boosts video playback with PureVideo technology

I just posted the article Nvidia boosts video playback with PureVideo technology.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us about this interesting development over at Nvidia. They have now endowed the GeForce 6 with a little high definition video…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9631-Nvidia-boosts-video-playback-with-PureVideo-technology.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9631-Nvidia-boosts-video-playback-with-PureVideo-technology.html)

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I have this to say about purebull: spllllt! :r

First of all, the Geforce4 does not support PureVideo, only the Geforce 6 cards do. Secondly, a huge number of Geforce 6 cards DO NOT fully support PureVideo, despite nVidia’s previous advertisements to the contrary. Onwers of Geforce 6800Ultra/GT cards (both PCIe and AGP), and owners of AGP Geforce 6800 cards are screwed out of what they were promised by nVidia, whose chip design did not turn out as they hoped. Only if you own a Geforce 6600GT, or a PCIe Geforce 6800 or 6800LE will PureVideo fully work. There’s a LOT to this issue, but it really stems down to their failure to properly implement hardware WMV9 acceleration, necessary for the upcoming HD DVD standard.

Setting aside the whole issue of Nvidia promising me something on the box, that they could not deliver, then releasing a fix, that works only in windows Media Player, and charging me $20 or more for it, This is still bulls**T. I downloaded the “Free 30 day Tiral” yesterday. After installing it there is nothing to tell you how to use it, it is more of a codec than a player. After finding an EXE in the folder, It coles up and says my trial period is OVER. OVER! I just installed it. So I test some mpeg files in media player. No change in CPU usage at all. Then I try a DVD in media player. They wont play anymore. They either dont try, or it looks like its playing but there is no picture, and media player is still trying to do a visualization. So then I try to uninstall it, NOPE. When I try to remove it from Add/Remove programs…Nothing happens. So I find the uninstall string in the registry, Same thing…Nothing If I open Media Palyer, and use FILE -> Open, It crashes. So now I have a 30 day trial of a program I installed TODAY that is expired, and a Windows Media PLayer that is broken to hell, and I cant even uninstall the program. Also, now my media files play with the audio way off sync…by several MINUTES later in the clips. Did I also mention that the required Geforce Video Drivers REQUIRED for this Nvidia DVD Decrypter are not really available yet. You can get them in the BETA section of Nvidia.com though. This program sucks!!

LoneWolf: Dan Bell didn’t write that Geforce 4 has purevideo, merely that his upgrade decision may be swayed towards nvidia as a result of this tech. MarvinMar: I’m no expert on codecs, but it sounds like you may need to unregister the nvidia decoder. We all know that WMP sucks anyway.

You can download DECCHECK.exe from MS. and change the preferred DVD decoder back to something that works…

Well, I downloaded the DECCHECK.exe from MS. I showed me the Nvidia decoder was the prefered. So I deleted the folders that contained the decoder, and choose a different decoder to be the Prefered. Media player is partialy fixed now, but still stutters even on music cds and other files, and I still cant use File -Open without it crashing. O well. Formmatting again in March when I upgrade my mobo and proccesor anyways.