Nvidia 3D glasses take shape

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Nvidia used the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as the ideal location to unveil 3D Vision for GeForce, new 3D glasses that make use of certain LCD monitors, Nvidia GPU, and a pricey pair of 3D active…

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This technology was ultra cool. I’ve been rather skeptical about 3D gaming – even though it looks good – but once these glasses drop in price, and the required monitors also lower in price, it could be great fun during LANs.

Their is one company before all of this that had the first sort of 3D gaming setup it was virtuality, they had a load of game aracdes with headsets back in the early / late 90s, the technology was poor but it was the first taste of interactive 3d gaming. They were also developing the Jagaur VR headset that never came to market.

i saw a xmen 3d games before year 200 hit, but it didnt need glasses, it was dome shaped and you could look all around the charectors from the top of machine, and it was ver awesome, infact i am now remembering, it was a hologram system, so needed no glassesa dn you could look 360 around the charector front and behind and all around. I was so cool, the only problem i didnt like was it hurt my eyes!

They need to add a couple electrodes to the glasses, so when you get hit with a punch or a laser - you actually feel it! say you get hit in the left arm, once this happens it becomes lifeless and you have to continue on the game with just your right arm. When you lok at your left arm with the glasses- you can see the bone sticking out!!!

Any more realistic and they will put the hookers out of business. Then where will we be?

Nvidia had a 3-D screen on display last year as well with no glasses required. I was very impressed, it looked awesome. Problem is the viewer needed to be located a certain distance and a certain angle from the display. But still, it was pretty cool to see 3D objects jumping out at you without any special glasses on. This particular tech was aimed at advertising and the business market.