NVE3 Sucks !?

Can somebody please help as I,m having big problems with every version of NVE3.After trying the 3 updates , I still have the same problems. For example Iwant to make a DVD From Sat-tv mpeg2 media files. So when I select a file , NVE3 takes 30mins to analize the file And Splits it into 1 second chunks and reckons i have 16.5GB, and not the supposed 3.8GB. By NVE 2 Ihave noproblems and can normaly analize , edit , menu and burn in around 30-40 mins and have a good disc that works on 3 different DVD Players!!. So far Nero Have been no help apart from the normal, use Nero Clean Tools , Fresh installation , and update .All of which I have done , but to no avail ? All the Best Bollux