NVE3: Output DVD frames out of order

In a few NeroVision Express 3 projects, in the middle of the project the frames start getting out of order. When there’s no motion, it looks okay, but motion is very jerky. When someone waves an arm, for example, it seems to move alternatively forward and backward instead of smoothly forward, as if the order of every pair of frames has been swapped. Or maybe the two interlaced fields are out of order. All I know is that the source MPEG2 file (captured by NVE3) is just fine in all instances–it’s only the output DVD that gets fouled up. In one particular project, I tried burning three times to different media, and the problem popped up in the same place each time. I even tried uninstalling Nero, running the CleanTool, and reinstalling, and the problem still hasn’t gone away. Has anyone else encountered this?

Also, twice now NVE3 has hung while transcoding/burning a DVD… anyone else seen that? Now I usually just write to the image recorder first, and then when that finishes, burn it to disk with Nero Burning Rom.