NVE3 Chapter Problem

Using NeroVisionExpress The last several releases of thiis have given me an error after I auto detect chapters and try to generate them. I get a ffatal error of something about failure to read unrerenced memory. If I do not generate chapters then the menu existing title menus never seem to work. I have also not been able to get the video preview window to work at all.
Anyone else having problems with chapter detection?
Thanks in advance for any help. All I can get out of Nero tech support is the famous delete and re-install. Do they have any idea how difficult this can be.

What type of source video are you using when you are trying the chapter detection in the Nero program?

They were vob files from a DVD video.

I will try a test on this from a sample DVD. Do you get the same error with other video files on your computer?

It always crashes on vob files. NVE will first analyze and read the files to disk with an ‘mpg’ extension. They are not commercial copy protected disks.
Have not tried it on other video files lately. Back in the version 2 releases both chapter generation and previews worked. Since about the ver 3 release neither will work. I will try to round up some avi files to test with. I know that at least once in the past they would work ok.
Thanks for your interest and help.