NVE3: Bit rates don't add up

I’m working on making a DVD out of 110 minutes of home video, but I’m having trouble fitting it onto a single disc.

At “Standard Play” (5073 kbit/sec), NeroVision says I should be able to fit about 120 minutes of video on a standard single-layer DVD, but my 110 minutes consume about gigabyte too much at 5.6 GB.

So I tried changing the output quality to Long Play (3382 kbit/sec), which Nero claims should accomodate 180 minutes of video. No such luck, my 110 minutes still take up 5.47 GB. :confused:

If it took up 5.6 GB at 5073 kbit/sec, then shouldn’t it only consume two-thirds of that (3.7 GB) at 3382 kbit/sec? What’s the deal here?

FWIW, if I drop it down to Super Long Play (1691 kbit/sec), then the compilation size drops to 1.55 GB. This is of course at half resolution (352x480), which I’d rather not settle with unless I have to.

FWIW: the audio setting is AC3 2.0, not LPCM (which only makes the compilation larger).

No they dont do they! Well, I am in the same boat but i got clients waiting…have u seen this: there is an option called 1-pass VBR and 2-pass VBR, look under encoding options under More, Video Options, DVD Video. The quality of 1-pass resembles SVCD quality, for me that’s crap. But, i may resort to this unless i can figure something else out. I am not clear on the relationship- if any - between VBR passes and High, Standard, Long Play, etc. Perhaps someone here could explain? Ps. Extended play brings my image size down, perhaps its a screen refresh problem?

The new double-layed media will fix all of this but alas that’s not here in Nepal yet!

Changing between 1-pass “Fast” encoding and 2-pass “Quality” VBR doesn’t have any effect on the output file size. The “Quality” mode just spends more time crunching numbers to figure out how to fit the best video quality into the same number of bits, by using less bandwidth when the picture is mostly unchanged between frames, and more bandwidth when there’s a lot of action.

In any event, $10 dual layer discs that have mediocre device compatibility are not a good solution in my mind. 3000 kbps video should be 50% of the size of 6000 kbps video–not 97%. There’s a bug in NVE3.

10$!!! is that what they cost over there? no wonder they dont have them here, no one would pay that much for a blank dvd…and not limited device compatibility?!? what a joke. but i like my sony 700 ul burner - it looks cool.