NVE3 always exports NTSC as PAL

I created a movie in NeroVision Express using NTSC footage from my JVC GR-D72US mini-DV camcorder. I want to export the edited movie to DV-AVI, but NVE won’t do that without converting it to PAL.

100% of the source footage is NTSC. The video mode is set to NTSC in Video Options. But when I do the export, I get the following message:

“Your title contains more NTSC than PAL material, but will be exported in PAL if you use the current settings. Do you want to change the settings to NTSC, so that your title will be exported in the video format that matches the majority of the title’s contents?”

It doesn’t matter whether I say “Yes” or “No” here. The movie will be exported as PAL.

For what it’s worth, if instead of using the “DV” profile, I use “Custom” and export an uncompressed AVI, NeroVision doesn’t surrepetitiously convert it to PAL. Uncompressed video takes up 12x as much disk space as DV, though, so this isn’t a very good workaround.

Is there a site that has older versions of NVE 3 available for download so I can see if I can find a version that existed before this bug was introduced? I guess I could try the one on my Nero 6 CD, but it’s very old (NVE 2.something) and I’d be surprised if it could even open my .nvc file.

For what it’s worth, I downloaded the Nero Vision 4 trial and it still doesn’t fix this bug.

I’m about ready to say tschüß to Nero…