NVE wants to reencode

I have recorded some sequels of a TV-Series (with Hauppage DVB-s) on the same telestation!
Some works ok but other not if i want to import one of them NVE says its to big (and must be reencoded)!

All mpeg2 Files (720x576, ~3MBit, First Header patched to 3.5Mbit) are ~905MB but NVE says that some needs 1,2GB Space (smart encode activated)!

Info says:
Smart Video 0%
Smart Audio 100%

Why Vision Express thinks it must reencode some sequels (Same TV-Station, same Quality)?

Please help! :sad:

Has someone an answer why Nero Vision Express want to reencode? :sad:

smart encode 100 percent means that the videos are in spec and does not need to be encoded again. how long does the process take to make a DVD? Does it seem like its doing a frame by frame encoding?

Where can i see what is not in spec? :frowning:

No idea? :frowning:

Found the problem, ProjectX says that the First Header is corrupt!
If i throw away the First Gop it works!

Suggestions for new NVE Versions:

  • Informationwindow where you can see what is not in spec
  • If only the 1st Header is corrupt => no reencode of the whole File!

Does anyone know how mikr used ProjectX to determine that the first header of his file was corrupt? I’m wondering if that is why Nero Vision wants to re-encode MPEG-2 compliant files. It would be a good find if that is the case. Nero’s smart encode setting is not very smart. I am making a two-hour DVD from 6 compliant files, and Nero is taking 3 hours to do it, which means it’s re-encoding. Ulead would do the same work in 30 minutes or less.


ProjectX is a very useful tool. I scanned or demuxed the mpeg-File (don’t remember), in the log of the process you get some information of the file!

You can also try pvastrumento to check the file!

At the moment i tried a trial-version of TMPEGEnc MPEG Editor to scan my files!
You can see a Graph of the file, faulty GOP’s where diplayed in red (must be reencoded)!

But it don’t support AC3 5.1 (reencodes it to stereo or AC3 2.1) :frowning: !

Why nero’s smart encode doesn’t work with same quality and speed?

In my experience nero smart encode doesn’t really work, it reencodes the whole file if something is not in spec!
BTW: There is no analyse-graph and no informtions that shows what is not ok!