NVE filters

Does anyone know if there are any 3rd party filters for NVE like there are for graphics programs and other video tools?

I’m looking to remove on screen date/time from a file. It is already in mpeg2 and I want to import it into NVE to make a DVD at the end. Hence I’d like to use a MPEG2 tool. NVE has filters that you can apply but not any filter to remove this. Hence I wondered if anyone was writting 3rd party filters? And this seemed the place to ask :slight_smile:

BTW I’ve tried virtualdubmod which will read in mpeg2 but output has to be some flavour of AVI (I could get the avi sever to work). That sort of work although I’m not happy with the quality issues of mpeg2 -> avi -> mpeg2, plus the kicker was I ended up with audio sync errors on the avi.