NVE Doesn't finish transcoding



Hello guys - I’d really love it if someone could help with this.

I’m trying to burn a set of MPGs onto a DVD in DVD Video format. I’m using NVE and today upgraded to The trouble is that whilst transcoding it will, not always at the same point, just stop - the time elapsed will keep on increasing, but nothing more happens. If NVE has been set to Burn-at-once it will result in a ruined DVD, otherwise it just sits there with some semi-finished files on the hard drive, waiting to be burned.

I know this is rather vaugue, but what info can I provide to help identify the problem here?

Cheers, Tom


The only way I found around this problem (affected AVIs in my case) was to convert the files…I ‘converted’ AVIs to AVIs and did not have any further problems.


How do I “convert” the files in the way you’re describing?



Go to www.google.com, and use the words ‘video’ and ‘convert’.

You’ll find enough info to keep you busy for a while.


That was, perhaps, one of the least helpful responses ever provided, but nonetheless, I think I’ve solved the problem, and I thought I’d post what I did here in case it helps anyone:

I made sure there was at least 5Gb (a bit bigger than a DVD) available on both my hard drives - I thought both because I have Windows on one drive © and the media files on the other (D). I also didn’t burn to disc, but to a hard drive folder, which I later quickly burnt using Nero - I’m not sure what part of this did the trick for me, but the short situation is that it now works for me, and I’m happy.

Hope that helps people!


most likely it’s the “burn to hard drive folder” that solved your problem…i’ve encountered several instances where NVE does it’s thing fine until it tries to burn to disc all in one go…therefore i always choose to write the image to the HDD first and then burn the resulting image using Nero Burning ROM…


That has happened to me several times also, I also use “burn to hard drive folder” then burn to disc. :iagree:


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