NVE - big difference in version speed

What v3.1.0.11 manages in 1h 30 mins, v3.1.0.14 and v3.1.0.16 takes 2h 45 mins; same files, same settings. The only variable is the version of NVE.


I don’t know for sure, but I have been told that the newer version has 2-pass encoding enabled by default, and the older versions were set to 1-pass. :iagree:

As I said.my timings were based on the same settings, exactly the same, all of them :smiley:

In my case, all versions were set to 2-pass encoding. Maybe the 2-pass encoding setting in pre- versions only does a single pass? TBH, I don’t recall noticing a big difference in quality of 2-pass over 1-pass, nor a significant increase in encoding time.

Edit: Nothing in the release notes at all.

Come on, there must be somebody who can explain this one.

Maybe they switched there encoder. Open up the output files (one with .11, one with .14/.16) with VirtualDubMod, pick a frame, go to the same frame on both, and compare the quality.

I would contact Ahead, maybe they can explain this.