NVE audio problems - DVD slide show

I have 98 photo’s with two audio tracks burned onto DVD-R for a slide show using NVE. It plays fine on my desktop and laptop but when I play it on my PS2 for my TV, the audio blanks out every 2 or 3 seconds thoughout the whole presentation. I have burned dozens of movies that play back flawlessly on my PS2, and not one coaster. Any suggestions?

If you burned a DVD slideshow and plays fine on your p.c. the issue is not Nero related but a compatiblity issue between the player-(PS-2) and the media DVD-R. Check for any firmware updates for the recorder and try another brand of media.


I just downloaded Nero 9 on a trial basis…everything went great except that when I played the DVD there is no music. I uploaded the sound track and let it record for the length of time the slide show was but no sound. When I click to play Audio File everything appears to be OK but still no sound.

What am I doing wrong?