NVE 3 won't export mp3 audio .avi

I sure hope that someone here can help me with this ongoing problem. Ever since upgrading to Nero 7, whenever I choose custom export in NVE, underneath the audio decompressor dropdown, there doesn’t seem to be an viable choices.

All I see:
AC3 ACM Decompressor (from K-Lite)
DSP Group TrueSpeech
GSM 6.10
Microsoft ADPCM
Microsoft G.723.1

Shouldn’t I be seeing Frauhhoffer MP3 here, and possibly others that I have installed (Lame for instance)? Are any of the above worthwhile? I really just want good compressor type of codec where I can choose bitrate and maybe AC3 5.1 (like AutoGK). I see everything in VirtualDub. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Probably NVE won’t support them for whatever reason.
Ask Ahead/Nero maybe?

Thanks for the quick reply. Thing is, Nero 6 Suite (not sure which NVE version) supported Mpeg Layer 3 compression just fine. I thought maybe a personal misconfiguration and was hoping someone experienced or used NVE for the same thing.

Maybe you should update to then?!

Great. Thanks a lot.

Anybody else have ANY “useful” input? I think that NVE should be picking up all registered codecs but for some reason, it’s not picking up mp3…

Didn’t they fix it with

If not, you should really use another software solution.

Have a look at videohelp.com/tools to find an appropriate one. :wink:

See now chef, I though you were being funny but perhaps you weren’t. I’m using Nero so it wouldn’t be optimal to go BACK to 6 since that would be downgrading. There are too many newer useful features that I like of 7 to go back to 6 (i.e. customized install, prettier UI, BD on the horizon, and real time burn speed without a reg hack to name a few).

Okay, this was really just a minor thing for me. I assumed someone had come across this very problem and fixed it, thus my post. But in no way, is it worth giving up Nero Rom, Recode, or NVE. In fact I used AutoGK to do the process I’d like to fix in NVE so… no a major issue.

It’s probably my OS install. It’s been a longer then usual time for a fresh install for me and I’ve ran into a lot of problems down the road. Perhaps, when I re-build my PC, the problem will be gone. I really think its not detecing a registered codec or something.

Thanks though.

Maybe I should post this in the Nero Forum also? I didn’t realize it was there until after posting this.

Yep, you should. Maybe someone there can help you further.