NVE 3 - Problem to open VOB file


I have used DVD Decrypter to split a DVD into vob files, everything looks perfect.
I’ve got 8 “VTS_01_number.VOB” files, when I try to add them to NVE3, it works fine with all of them except the no. 4,7 & 8

In fact, for those ones I get the following error:

“Unable to insert path\VTS_01_4.VOB”

Same message for no 7 & 8

I tried also different programs to decrypt, but same problem.

Any idea why? What can I do?
I want to use NVE 3 because the source files are in NTSC and I want to burn them in PAL.

I tried with TMPGEnc but the result is not good enough, the video is jerky.