NVE's the virdict?



Any improvements?
Any problems?



yeah,in recode i am getting “you need dvd-9 to continue”. it wont recode it, like dvd shrink would and does without issue.
Fcuknig retarded app it is. i uninstalled it.


Im still using, but I usually upgrade everytime they release an update, so I will try out the new version and post my results.

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind


It does everything I need a DVD app to do… except make a good burn! The [expletive deleted] thing ALWAYS hangs with 5 seconds to go (when it’s writing the menus).

Can you say “coasters”? Good, I knew you could!


Looks like the A/V sync and chapter placement problems still haven’t been fixed…

Maybe this product will be usable by version 3.141592653589793. :rolleyes:


Does not work very well for me. Capture is screwed up and avi transcoding is screwed up.


So I guess I’ll be sticking with then!


I have only used 30127 once but it worked perfectly (maybe took a little long) I made a dvd using two AVI files both xvid… one 45 mins one 40 mins, I gave the dvd animated buttons and there were prolly more than 20 chapters links I added between the two. total sice was near the full 4.5 gig, it took like 4 hours to encode and write. But it was all simple drag drop and press the button… I was also able to use the compuer while i made teh dvd… I used a plextor 716A and it played back fine on the computer , on a phillips 642 set top and on a PS2 so far…