Nvcpl.dll problem!

I have removed and installed a new video card, the old one was a Nvidia GeFroce and the one i have now is a ATI Radeon. After i installed the ATI this message keep on popping saything that it cant run the Nvcpl.dll, i found out that that was the Nvidia meda center or something related to Nvidia. I was just wondering if anyone know how i can solve this problem (stop the popping this message up every startup) Thankz for your time :slight_smile:

You probably didn’t remove the nVidea Video drivers before you installed your ATI card. Its been a while since I had an NV Video card so I am guessing here. Uninstalling the nVidea Video drivers from the control panel Add/Remove programs should do it. If not go to the Windows start menu> Run>Type msconfig and hit enter, find the nVidea program in start up and uncheck it. Restart your PC. HTH.

Did both of the things u said but still nothing.

Hmmm. Strange!! Do you have other nVidea applications running on your machine? Seems to me if that message keeps popping up some application is trying to start and/or looking for the dll. Don’t have any other ideas other than trying a registry cleaner once the nVidia apps are uninstalled.

Which Registry cleaner would u recommend, or do i have to do it manulally, if so can u give me a step by step guide. Thankz :bigsmile:

Here is a free and very effective registry cleaner. Gives you a lot of information when you learn how to use it.
Originally designed for Win9* but works great on XP.

Thanks for the link :smiley: but it didnt solve the problem :a

I would suggest that you uninstall the ATI drivers and remove the ATI card.
Reinstall the nVidia card and drivers and then properly uninstall the driver then remove the card.
The Nvcpl.dll should not be trying to load if the drivers were properly uninstalled.

Then and only then should the ATI card be installed.

the problm is that my old nvidia card was acting up so i dont have it with me no more.

I would search the registry for the DLL and then see where it was and what was calling it. If I felt confident, I would delete the entry. But, you should set a restore point or back things up first.

That’s unfortunate.
But it sounds to me like the nVidia drivers were not properly uninstalled.

The nVidia drivers create a Service that runs when the computer starts up.
This service is called NVIDIA Display Driver Service. Go into Services and check to see if this is still present.
If it is, right click on it and select Properties.
First stop this service and then disable it.

I tried but I cant find it under service.

Are you logged in with privileges?

You really need to reinstall the nVidia drivers so you can properly uninstall them.
But you cannot accomplish this without an nVidia video card.

Remember you MUST uninstall your ATI drivers and remove the ATI video card first in order to do this.