NVAPIExample XML problem

Sorry to have my first post be a newb problem.

I’m evaluating the NeroVision SDK and wanted to see what I could do with the sample app before I started integrating.

When I run the NVAPIExample app it seems to work fine. But when I try the LoadXML button it gives me the following error dialog:

There was an error loading XML document! (Invalid pointer)
This happens even on XML files saved with the SaveXML button (which seems to work - I’ve looked at the XML files saved by the app and they look fine). The problem is that without being able to load an XML file in the sample, I can’t really test much.

I have a fully licensed Nero 6.6 installed and am running the NVAPIExample.exe from the NeroVision program directory. I’m on Windows XP Pro with all the lastest service packs and updates.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Bob (d5d)

FWIW, I made sure my MS-XML 3.0 was up to date and ran the Microsoft diagnostic, which showed:

MSXML 3.0 8.50.2162.0 C:\WINDOWS\system32\msxml3.dll

Which is the latest release.

Just for fun I attempted to build the NVAPIExample app in Visual Studio. I got a ton of ambiguous symbol errors on IXML objects. I found this Microsoft knowledge base article covering that problem:


I disambiguated all of the object/class references with “MSXML2::” and it built fine. I was able to run the version that I built with no problems, including loading the same XML files that the version that came pre-built with the SDK was choking on.

Not sure I understand the root problem here, but I have things working and am moving ahead.

The problem seems to be indeed in the precompiled executable. So you will have to compile it by yourself as the sources are available.