NVAPI Transcoding / DVD standard?




I am using the NVAPI to create Video DVDs, which works fine.

But one question arose nevertheless: I’ve got MPEG2 files which seem to meet the DVD standard (PAL resolution, 720x576 @ 25 fps). So I hoped that the NVApi wouldn’t take too long to transcode. But what happened was that NV transcoded happily: a 36 minute-video took nearly 2 hours to transcode.

So I am wondering, what takes NV so long to transcode? Which requirements must a video meet in order to be transcoded quickly? What does the DVD standard say?

Thanks a lot.


That’s correct, for PAL video the resolution 720x576 with 25 fps is conform to DVD specification. But to be sure it will not be encoded you have to ensure the source audio as well target video format are DVD specification compliant.



sorry for not answering at once - too busy :wink:

If I understood you right, the problem might be the audio channel?

I tried to find information about the mentioned audio format, but I did’nt find anything. What would be an audio format that meets the DVD specification?

I suppose the audio information is embedded in the MPEG2, so how could I modify it? Or can I take influence on the NVAPI somehow? :confused:

Thanks again for any helpful posts.