NVA-N751A Guidence System: where to buy discs?



Greetings… Bought a truck with NVA-N751A Guidence System. It has the California disc in it, but I need one for Pacific Northwest…ie Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon and perhaps Wyoming.
Would anyone there…know where I could buy a disc…or discs for to make my unit 'workable for me??

Thanks kindly, Jim


HAY…Bought a Alpine NVA-N751A Guidence System. it need Smart Map Pro v4.11, It has no disc in it, but I need one for Eastern, 'NYC’
Would anyone here…know where I could download the disc…or discs for to make my unit 'workable for me??

Thanks kindly, music maker


Sorry, no one is going to help you find illegal discs to download. Perhaps you should read the forum rules before asking or trying to conduct illegal activity. Otherwise there is plenty of resources to find the missing disc. Try eBay or use Alpine’s large list of customer support contacts. I’m sure they can help you get the OEM disc you need for your drive.

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