Nv4_disp.dll crashing

hey my computer freezes like every five minutes when typing in word. I always have winamp and zone alarm and messenger on at the same time, but i only experience this when typing in word. Does anyone else have this problem? I have a creative g-force ddr version. How can this be fixed. I think im using the detenator drivers or whatever they are called.

here is what windows says when it restarts.

szAppName : Drivers.Display szAppVer : 10DE010110102E1102
szModName : nv4_disp.dll szModVer : Offset : EA8306EA

What windows version are you using?

Any m ore details on your system could be of help…

I tried to check on http://support.microsoft.com but was not able to load it…perhaps you can do a search there on nv4_disp.dll and see what it comes up with.

If you have Windows XP or Windows 2000 there is a logging function that might provide you with more details on this error. Could you then post as much details as possible please.

Which revision of Detonators are you using?
I believe 23.32 is the newest. If using that one you should get a older one. If using an older you should try that one.
28.32 (for 2k/XP)
28.32 (for W9*/ME)
27.70 (for 2k/XP)
First try the newest!
these ones. i guess i’ll get the old ones and try them then.

I am also having the same problem occurring under Windows XP Pro.I do not experience it under Win98SE and Win2000 Pro.I have a Powercolour Tnt2M64 video card and have tried older Detonator drivers ie 21.83 and will try the new ones but am wondering if there is some code Problems with XP.Had several probs with Windows Media Player right after clean installing and since I have installed games with no-cd cracks I have had lots of crashes.I run into problems just trying to get the apps to load.The only thing is to reboot several times to get things to function okay.A real pain in the a**.

I’m using xp pro, and where is that log file thingy you are talking about? I think this must be a problem with word because i’m using the older drivers now and this still happens.

Perhaps this link helps, all I could find at Microsoft on this…

:confused: Similar problem too!

Had this problem since I first installed WinXP Pro last year sometime! Basically I get the BSOD and I have the auto reboot on, as I use eDonkey alot and have it ‘Startup’ based to continue where it left off.

This doesn’t always work because the files are all damaged and put in one those ‘FOUND.001’ etc etc

Anywho, after renaming all the damm files to there original state, i can continue. It doesn’t happen always and the machine seems to be running for a few days now, non-stop.

However, I have pritty much tried everything! New hardware on almost everything, cooler fans, new case and even new quaility cables. The machine is near perfect and runs VERY well when its does, but after all this, I’ve come to the conclusion that its SOFTWARE!

Either ‘Drivers’ or my WinXP Pro itself is shagged?!

What your saying with the NV4_disp.dll is very true and maybe the cause of ALL this!

I’ve tried using an older Det.Driver, but didn’t do anything!
Tried installing the new one, which made things even worse!

It kinda installs, not finding a few, then I locate them manually, it continues happily, but then at the end of the installation, it says its DONE, but couldn’t find a certain file… WHiCH one?! :mad:

Anywho, this is pritty much where I’m at now. I’m using part of v23 and v28 drivers, yes, mixed to my machine typing to you guyz’n’gals now! It runs fine and I’m able to do all I could normally, but the quality of some FULL screen video can be alittle flakey and the machine still crashes at random, even just leaving it to sit there doment, but in most cases, you could just click on the TooL bar and it dies!

Trying YOUR download of v28 and hopefully that installs, seeing my GeForce 2 Ultra this time! In the process of upgrading to the Hercules GeForce 4 (4600) but waiting till I sort this issue out first!

Thanks for your time and I wish us ALL good luck!

PS. Need anything on eDonkey, I’m always there, if the machine hasn’t crashed, with 120Gb of KooL junk - LeFugitive :cool:

Finally had a few mins. to look at the error so here is the error log:

The driver for the display device was unable to complete a drawing operation.The display driver for NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model64/Model 64 Pro seems to be responsible for the system instability.



I have tried a few different drivers already each with the same outcome.I will try the rest but I am certain as others have already experienced this will not fix the problem.It is important to note that the build of XP Pro I am currently running is a pre-release beta 5.1.2600 build 2600(as I am certain the others who have experienced difficulties are most likely running as well).It is my guess the code in XP has some problems which most likely would have been repaired in the final retail version(Though you never know with Microsoft).After all the video cards and drivers are NVidia based and popular models so I cnnot see tht as a mjor impediment regardless of the remaining hardware configuration.Any feedback/workarounds from our resident experts?

I had the same problem, random lock ups in nv4-disp.dll, whatever driver i used. Problem solved when i realised i plugged my RAM into slots 2 and 3 instead of 1 and 2 (no comment please :slight_smile: ).
Check your RAM, test with only 1 slot, etc etc.

Hey everyone,

What it seems to me that you are all describing is the infamous “Infinite Loop Error” as named by Microsoft.

The bad news is this error can occur on ANY Operating System, ANY system setup and can be caused by either or both hardware and software. Lame I know :slight_smile:

The gist of the problem is either your CPU or Video card locks up and as information is sent back and forth between the two if one stops responding the information gets bounced back and forth in an infinite loop, hence the name :slight_smile:

For a VERY good article on this problem vist http://www.viaarena.com/?PageID=64 and to find many post on purported solutions to this problem just search the viaarena forums for infinite loop error (their are many posts here) :).

For a quicker and simpler explanation of the problem go here:
http://fae.abit.com.tw/eng/faq/qa/2002/2002011601.htm this will refer you to the viaarena link for more detailed (VERY detailed) explanation and solution to the problem.

I warn you there is no easy fix to this problem. I managed to fix it on my computer by upgrading my sound card drivers and by getting the latest agp driver for my via motherboard.

Just a bit of useful info to some people that may experience automatic rebooting of their computer (specifically if you are running Windows XP or Windows 2000).
If you go to right-click on “my computer” select “properties”, “advanced”, “startup and recovery” UNCHECK “automatically reboot” bam you done it now your computer will not suddenly reboot :slight_smile: only problem is you will now get the good old Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) :stuck_out_tongue:

But to be honest I prefer this as I can then see information on WHY my computer has crashed.

BTW you can also select what sort of debugging dump (kernel, memory etc.) you want to perform from this window.

I hope this info helps someone :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


i had an asus a7v motherboard and i had that exact same problem after i flashed the newest bios. i flashed back to my old bios and everything fine again. if your problem stems from a recent bios flash and your mobo is via chipset, maybe you should consider reverting back to your old set up.

Is your computer overclocked perhaps?

Nope my good man, its probably running slower (DownClocked) to make it run more stable, but all setting’s are on normal…
…Hmmm, I may have some KooL ideas in what to do! See you in about 12-14 hours with the results! :smiley:

Till then, THANKS for you everyones help and comments! :slight_smile: