file causing stuttering in avi and mpg files

HI All
After an exhaustive search for the cause of my problem i narrowed it down to this ax file. I tried repairing it by reinstalling pinnacle studio 8.5 but so far nothing works. Can someone please advise how to repair this file?

thanks in advance!

Did you try to:

  1. scan your harddisk for errors?
  2. remove the old installation of P.S. before you installed it again?

Thanks for the quick reply Dee-ehn
1- My OS is xp home so im not sure how to run a scan disc check.
2-I did remove the program before reinstalling it. I tried removing the file from device manager before reinstalling the PS but this caused a lock up and a reboot.

  1. Scanning your disc can be done by rightclicking it in the explorer, choosing properties and selecting “error checking” under the Tools-tab

  2. I don’t understand you… how do you remove a file from the device manager? Are you perhaps mixing up things?

dee-ehn is a video codec located in device manager .
im not entirely sure it is associated with PS . I assumed it is because after removing the codec file i was trying to render a avi file to mpg when in the middle of rendering PS stop responding and the screen went black. when i rebooted everything seemed normal until i played another mpg file i had the stuttering problem. when i checked device m the nuvision codec file had returned. thats when i tried reinstalling PS.

Seems that this codec is causing serious trouble. I’d suggest to download ffdshow in order to disable this codec and pick another one.

You can get it at