Nuub question about clone cd

I am realy a newbies whit this tools! So don’T flame if i ask nuub question…
Ok, i had a game…But my sister used the cd to sharpen his nail or sumthing, but ther wher a heck of scrach! In case i did made a image of my game cd… Now i wanted to play the game, and i noticed that the cd is unredable… I try clone cd damaged data, but it won’t read the scratch are to deep! I tryed burning the image of my game…When the cd was done, it opened the cd reader whit clone cd image fille in it… Since im noob whit this tool… I don’t know what to do… Help me out plz! I hope this is not agaisnt the rule posting it, if yes i am sory. I am new to this site and i am not familiar whit all rulle…


b dog

Hello B_Dog, you posted in the right forum.

Unfortunately if the CD is deeply scratched then there is nothing you can do, regardless of the software. It is ruined. :sad:

Hi B_Dog Yes there is a solution to your problem :iagree: ! Ask your Sister to replace your CD with a new one and then you can play the game again. :slight_smile:

if you have a .img file of the game cd [ i cannot understand if you do or do not have an image file ] then burn the .img to a CD with dvd decrypter
guide @

Actually i got 3 fille

.img fille made whit clone cd
.ccd fille
.sub fille

what i do i burn the 3 thing?

You are incredible i tryed it and it worked!!!