Nuther question about recode: analyze dvd5 to dvd5? why?

Hi all,

When copying a dvd in recode that requires no compression because it’s small enough, recode still allows me the option of advanced analysis. why?

Yeah I just came here to post the same question… when it’s 100% why does it do a Deep Analysis? Surely it doesn’t recode so it doesn’t need to?


Anyone know the answer? Do we loose any video quality if we don’t enable the Analysis feature on video at 100% or is it just a waste of time?

And I also came in to ask the same question!

The analysis only has to be done if the DVD is greater than 4.7 Gb.

Must be a programming error if it allows you to do a analysis if it doesn’t have to be done. It’s only a waste of time if you do one.

The analysis of DVDs thats need compression is done to do a more exect compression on each frame and to make a better estimazion of the output so it’s not going to exceed the 4.7 Gb limit.

Why bother using recode for a DVD5? The FREE program DVD Decrypter will copy and burn DVD’s one-to-one. Protected too. Use ISO read and write modes. And donate if you like it!

I agree it’s kinda goofy to have the option to Advance Analyze when the movie is less than 5gb.
With that being said, here’s what I do for DVD5 disks, for all those who already own Nero and want to get their money’s worth. (rather than using Decrypter, no offense, I just like to use the products I paid so much for to the fullest extent.)

When I pop in a DVD I right click on it in My Computer and check the Properites. If it’s less than 4.7gb then I right click, Explore and copy the folders within the DVD to a new folder on my HD. (Usually a Video_TS and Audio_TS). This takes about 5-15 min. Then open burning ROM, select New DVD-Video Compilation. Drag over your Video_TS files and burn. Done.

Hope somebody can get some use out of it.