NUTECH Movie DVD Read problems

I’ve got a ddw-081 with 362 firmware on it. It burns dvd-r and dvd+r/w fine (Data and movie). It burns cd-r and cd-rw fine (data). Everytime i try to burn an audio cd-r, it starts the burn process and restarts my computer. (Roxio Easy CD Creator 6 DVD version). First, I’d like to know if there’s a resolution to fix my audio cd burn problem. Second question… The drive reads most of my dvd movies that I buy but for some reason it wont read The Negotiator, Prefontaine, Without Limits, Sweet Home Alabama, or Sister Act 2. Thats just the ones I know of. I put in a disc, and the light on the front of the drive just stays on as if its continually trying to read the disc. Any idea why the drive reads some dvds but not others? All the discs are in great condition so scratches / dirt isn’t the problem. The drive will read single and dual layer both sucessfully, so that’s not it. I’m guessing I should try newer firmware? I just want to make sure if thats the answer, I dont fry my burner. If anyone has had similar problems could help me out, that’d be great! :slight_smile: Thanks!