Numerous Newbie questions on Dual-layer



Hi, as introduced in previous post, I am a newbie to the whole concept of DVD. (reading DVD demystified FAQ now, 60 000 words :frowning: )

I have several newbie questions on dual-layer discs

  1. Are there any dual-layer DVD-R discs? (usually heard of +R only)
  2. Are there any dual-layer DVD-RW or DVD+RW discs?
  3. How to know for sure my DVD writer can burn onto dual-layer? I think it can burn onto DVD+R dual-layer only, but I’m not sure. Anyway to find out?


Hello and welcome to CDFreaks.

  1. Currently DVD-R DL is in development but you won’t be able to actually buy any discs until sometime in 2005.

  2. No and no. But this may change in 2005. (There are no drives that support Rw DL either.)

  3. What is the model of your DVD Writer? You can always find the specifications by looking up the model’s info on the manufacturer’s web site.