Number of passes needed with CCE

Ok, basicly when encoding a DVD with CCE I have been using 3 pass VBR (totals 4-passes).

I was wondering what is the best number of passes to use. I assume it is a “curve”, for example 1-pass will look much worse than 2-pass, but 4-pass may not look any different from 5-pass. Basicly, what I wondered, was when is there no longer any noticable difference in the quality? Most of the video has a bitrate of around 5000kbit/s.


Ben :slight_smile:

At that bitrate 3 passes is adequate. More passes yield minuscule improvement. Noticeable? No. JMO.

There have been some rather technical discussions on this over at Videohelp. You might try a search from within the site. Regards. :slight_smile:

I use 2 pass for regular movies and 3 pass for high action. IMO I see no difference using more passes except for the extra time.