Number of drives: past and present

Just putting a list of drives from the past and present. Can’t believe I have that many now. :eek:

^Oh my lord, WOW…can’t say enough

3 Samsung SH-203B
1 Samsung SH-183L
1 Samsung SH-182M
3 BenQ DW-1655

1 NEC 2500A (gave away)
1 NEC 3500AG (gave away)
3 Samsung SH-203B (gave away)
4 BenQ DW-1655 (gave away)
1 LiteOn SHM-165P6S (gave away)
2 TDK 5200B (dead)
1 TDK CDRW (dead, don’t remember)

Grand total= 21

Cd & DVD drives?

Oh, I have to count, stay tuned. :smiley:

Sure, why not. :bigsmile: I think I forgot a CD-ROM drive from my first (and last) Dell.


3 BenQ DW1640
3 BenQ DW1655
1 BenQ DW2000
1 Pioneer DVR-111L
1 Pioneer DVR-112L
1 Samsung SH-203B


3 BenQ DW1650
1 HP DVD-writer 200i
1 Sony DRU-700A
1 Lite-On SHW-160P6S

DOA Drives:

2 BenQ DW1640
3 BenQ DW1655
1 Lite-ON LH-20A1P
1 Lite-On LH-20A1H
(wow, that was a really depressing section to write)

Same here. Add 5 more drives to my “past” list then, I guess. The HP computer with a pentium 3 that I had back in 2001 came with a DVD-ROM and 8x CD burner. I replaced both of those drives with some Sony Combo CD-RW/DVD-ROM and some Memorex 52x CD-RW. Also, the Dell Dimension E300 I have now came with a DVD-ROM.

It doesn’t matter anymore though. Any slot that can fit an optical drive gets a DVD burner, plus some external ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

Present Drives:

3 - LH-20A1P

2- Plextor 760A

1- Plextor 755UF

1- Plextor 810UF

1- BenQ DW-1655

1- DX-20A3H




1- TssCorp L632D

1- SHW-160P6SU

Damn that’s a lot of drives, KTL :eek:…I’ve gotta see what chef comes up with as well :bigsmile:

Past (aka all dead or given away):

  1. Philips CDD3610 (died spectacularly)
  2. Plextor PX-12/10/32A
  3. Samsung CD-RW which I can’t remember the model of. Didn’t live long :stuck_out_tongue:
  4. Memorex 24XMAXX (rebadged LiteOn something)
  5. LiteOn LDW-851S
  6. Pioneer 110D
  7. LG 4163B (:sad: )
  8. LiteOn 1693S
  9. NEC ND-4551A
  10. Samsung SH-S162L

Present (in use and not):

  1. LG GCE-8520B
  2. LiteOn SOHR-5239S
  3. LG 4167B
  4. LiteOn 1635S x2
  5. BenQ 1640 (@EW164B)
  6. LiteOn 165P6S
  7. BenQ 1650 x2
  8. LG E10N
  9. Samsung SH-S182D
  10. LiteOn LH-20A1H
  11. Optiarc AD-5170S

Think that’s it. :slight_smile:

I’ve counted up to 26 yet, but it could be 3 or 4 more…I’m getting old. :smiley:


how did your 3610 die??

  1. Philips CDD3610 (died spectacularly)

My first cd burner was the 2600 - still alive…

PS: I should not forget my 212 and 203. :wink:

Come on, we want the whole list :bigsmile:…I’ve been waiting for your input since this afternoon :wink:

My 3610…at the end of it’s life, whenever I put a disc in it to read, that disc would come out scratched beyond all use. I lost the first two of my set of 4 Office 2000 discs that way.

I got so annoyed with all my discs ending up scratched, I dropped the drive out of a second floor window. Looked good all spread out all over the pavement, I should have taken pics. :bigsmile:

That drive was the only one I had which didn’t have any BURNproof technology. Coaster city :bigsmile:

Yeah, I would love to see that pics.
I have struggled many times with my CDD2600 mostly burning CDDA at 2x and 1x. :-X
A good CD-R (KODAK 650mb) was about DM 15 (€ 7,50) per disc…

I just counted again…
Hitachi: 1
LG: 1
Liteon: 1
NEC: 3
Philips: 1
Pioneer: 10
Samsung: 2
Sanyo: 1
Sony: 1
Toshiba: 5
Yamaha: 5

I’m not sure if I have got them all now.

Yeah, I used Kodak too, they were expensive :eek:…and 40 minutes to burn a disc, gotta love that :disagree:

And only one LG? :eek:

So far… probably I had a Goldstar drive also.
The only dead drive I have is a Pio DVR-107 (deadflashed).

I’ve came up with 4 more past drives that weren’t on the list and managed to remember what they were.

BCD F561D : 52x CD reader (Dell)
HP 8200+ : 4x CD burner
Yamaha CRW4416S : 4x SCSI CD burner
LiteOn SOHW-1633S (couldn’t believe I forgot this)

I guess I should’ve mentioned for drives that have stayed and passed through a computer for some time. I didn’t count the Samsung 552 I had only because it was returned in less than a week after its poor performance.

Let’s see, what I have (or had) :slight_smile:

Samsung SH-S203B
Samsung SH-S182D (spare at the moment)
Benq DW-1650
Philips DVDR1660P1
Sony DW-G120A @ Liteon SHM-165P6S
Liteon SOHR-5239V
LG GSA-4163B

Wife’s comp:
LG GSA-4082B
Liteon LTD-166S

[B]Past [/B](given away unless stated otherwise):
Liteon LTN 403L 40x CD-ROM
Medion MD9898 4x CDRW (Acer CRW4432A rebadge - my first burner)
Optorite CW 5201 52x CDRW :Z (was given to me, forwarded it really fast)
LG CRD-8521B 52x CD-ROM (lying around somewhere)
LG GCE-8240B 24x CDRW (I loved this drive)
Samsung SH-W163A 16x DVDRW (killed with wrong firmware)

From wife’s comp:
Philips CDD 4801 OEM 8x CDRW

What happened with the drive?

Burn quality just deteriorated after lots of heavy use, so I donated it to my upstairs neighbour for his kids’ PC. :slight_smile:

I do miss it though.

Also the CD part went bad? This drive is still my best and fastest CD ripper and one of the best CD writers. :slight_smile: This beauty should never be given away :bigsmile:

No, the CD part was fine. Agreed there, one of my favourite CD writers too. In fact, an all-round gem :slight_smile:

Ow, I’ve just realized that I forgot 3 Liteon DVD-ROMs.
[B]mciahel[/B], your post reactivated that memory. :wink:
They still rip faaaast.

Also, forgot my Plextor drives… :iagree: