Number of Audio Channels?


I’m sorry for the newbie question, but I searched and couldn’t find it. I’m using DVD2one with AnyDVD. I don’t have surround sound, but I might in the future. When it comes to picking the audio channels I want in DVD2one, what should I pick? Should I pick AC3 6ch and AC3 2ch, or just one of them? If I only pick AC3 6ch and play it on my Sony TV with no surround sound, will it sound weird?

Again, sorry for the “easy” question, but any help you could provide would be great. I’m just not sure if picking more than one audio stream will affect the quality of the burnt movie.


Your dvd player should automatically downmix the 5.1 stream into stereo for use on your tv. I’ve has this work countless number of times for me. But, the surround system is nice:)