Nullsoft releases new winamp Winamp 5 version, v5.03

I just posted the article Nullsoft releases new winamp Winamp 5 version, v5.03.

jellybelly and ExCiZieR both used our news submit to tell us that Nullsoft has released a new version of their Winamp music and video player. Most of our readers will know…

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Wheeeeee! A new version! :B

WinAmp 5 just completely rocks. I wanted to like WinAmp 3. It had cool stuff but it sacrificed too much of what I had loved about 2.x… WinAmp 5 though is like 2.x reborn. It’s preserved everything I’ve loved about WinAmp for the past 8 years and added new functionality and a slick new look. Go Nullsoft! (Sadly, if MS aquires AOL, they’ll also get WinAmp and then it’ll all be over. :frowning: )

The direct url is and
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the default skin is huge compaired to the old winamp skin