Nullsoft = dead?

from slashdot

The last members of the original Winamp team have said goodbye to AOL and the door has all but shut on the Nullsoft era, BetaNews has learned. Only a few employees remain to prop up the once-ubiquitous digital audio player with minor updates, but no further improvements to Winamp are expected

This is sad news :frowning: Only bright side: “For its part, AOL says it remains committed to Winamp, stating it is “a thriving product that AOL continues to support and will continue to support.”” Let’s hope AOL does not let Winamp die…

Very sad :sad: Winamp rocks. I hope it stays around, i can’t imagine my PC without Winamp on it.

sadly - there has been little added in the last few years. i notice very little difference in the mp3 capabilities between 2.8 and 5.04.

hopefully they will just leave it alone. like they have waste :smiley:

Like AOL did with Netscape?

Great, AOL is gonna kill another great software, just what we friggin need… oh wait, did i just say that aloud… oops :eek:

AOL will kill it.

I’ve had winamp since it’s first beta (back in '96 I believe it was) and been on board as there’s no better .mp3 player available. I still believe that!

I guess like all things though, time has to pass and old things fade out and new things arise. :slight_smile: Sad though… :frowning:

The regulars in the Winamp forums seem to be singing a different tune (something to the effect of this being blown out of proportion). As CDF members, we should know all too well how often outside groups get the whole optical world wrong (like Tom’s DVD burner reviews) (and we chuckle and shake our heads) and as a long-time follower of Firefox, I could also see how many news organizations didn’t quite get the right picture (incorrect facts, etc.) when FF was released.

So that having said, I’m very much tempted to believe those in the Winamp forum, as they’re much closer to the heart of the matter, than some outside news source. That and the fact that I used to follow the Winamp forums closely, and when some of those people say that it’s so blown out of proportion that it’s laughable, I tend to believe them.

They’re doing it. AGAIN.

PS : oh and a quick edit about new things arising when others fade away : foobar is da bomb!