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Betanews runs a story about Nullsoft, the creators of Winamp. While the current internet advertising market is not very profitable anymore Nullsoft is considering to ask money for an advanced…

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From Winamp3 FAQ: “Will Winamp3 no longer be free? You may have heard some rumors that Winamp3 will no longer be freeware, and those are just not true. So sites that lack journalistic integrity (like Beta News) have been spreading rumors with put all the information. There will be a free and pay version of winamp3 available on final release. This does NOT mean that Winamp3 Standard/Free will be a stripped down version in anyway, it would be the same version if Nullsoft didn’t go with a pay version. There are many items that Nullsoft would like to include in Winamp3 that cost Nullsoft licensing money per-download. These include extras such as MP3Pro decoders, MP3 encoders, CD burning engines, DVD and MPEG-2 support and so on. Nullsoft cannot afford to absorb these costs, so there could not be included in a free version even if they had a pay version or not. So the Pay version of Winamp3 will include these items. The Free version of winamp3 will still be the same high powered audio player. And of course Nullsoft’s decision is not final and details are subject to change.” Fine by me :8


I agree that things on the internet are going to have to start costing money. The reason being the internet has just grown so much that bandwidth requirements are starting to get ridiculas for any sites that have a large number of visitors. This is a real shame for those of us who have been online for years and have been visiting the site from the days when it was not a problem of having too high bandwidth requirements. I’ve seen this coming for a LONG time now with winamp though. Ever since they added the extra field to what the different versionf of winamp had that said: Cost - FREE. I knew that one day it was going to say: Cost - $5 or something. Then when Aol took it over I knew that was the beginning of the end. They can start charging all they like for it. I think they’ll find that a HUGE number of people just stick to the current version which is great and wont even consider upgrading until it becomes necessary due to new technologies coming out or mp3’s becoming outdated and the new format needing the new player. I have to say though, they cant have many developers working on winamp because the amount of time it is taking for version 3 to be released is ridiculas. I dont know if they’re spending years trying to optomise it to make it have a memory overhead of less than 1Mb or something but they really need to just get a move on and get it working already. As a programmer I know things can sometimes take a while to get done but they’re being ridiculasly slow about it.


I think its very fair that they make a advanced version that cost $$ The money to bandwith, work e.t.c. have to come from somewhere. So i will defenetly buy it when its released :slight_smile:


Alright geezerz ! Yep - I agree wiv den_lange - especially if Nullsoft have a wicked mp3PRO interface, I’ll buy da sucka too ! Laterz … . :4


I don’t know if it’s necessary for Winamp to include burning and DVD playback, as I (and probably other people too) use other software for these purposes (e.g. Nero and PowerDVD) with which we are happy :slight_smile:


nila, you’re right! :slight_smile: The development of WinAmp 3 is taking forever. The guys at Nullsoft are not slackers, nor are they bad programmers. They’re some of the best… but optimizing code doesn’t take that long. Besides, like you said, you can optimize if after a first release instead of waiting 2 years to throw it at us. I think I’d pay $5 for WinAmp. A year ago I would have said no, but the Nullsoft gang always makes sure to patch security holes, fix annoying bugs, and keep their website/skins list clean. The sound of the WinAmp decoding engine is awesome compared to Micro$oft’s built in MPEG decoding library. It’s also the first audio player for windows that I can remember that has support for skins (now everyone’s doing it!), visualization plugins (there was a time when just “playing” music is what decoders did :)), and input/output plugins. That means there are plugins for playing OGG RC3 and MP3 Pro files. Imagine if hardware manufacturers licensed WinAmp from AOL/Nullsoft and started putting embedded versions of it on DVD players!? You’d put in your favourite CD and up pops WinAmp. It would read your m3u playlist file and start going with visuals and everything. No need to hook up your computer to the TV anymore :g


This news is two and half week old!!! Post something new? Nothing new to post?? :slight_smile: Simple piece of software only for multimedia purposes, ain’t gonna pay for the special version, the lite version will do.


Gotta agree Black-Wolf. I’ve installed the Beta of v3 and I wouldn’t pay for it either. It’s not as clear or easy to use as a proper mp3 jukebox. I think they’re approaching it all wrong with how they’re doing it. They’re trying to keep the basis of the program as a player and adding all these ‘extras’ such as jukebox features and stuff. To be honest I want the oposite and I’d imagine a lot of people do. They want a nice easy to use jukebox program that manages all their songs for them that has a nice player to play them with. The jukebox method they’re putting into it seems to be search style only or scrolling through a big list. Not my favourite way when I have a lot of songs. Prefer being able to browse it by artist/albm, or year/artist/album etc. Nice jukebox program I just found is: Mediajukebox 8 and to be honest, since installing it I have pretty much stopped using Winamp which for the last 4-5 years has been my main and pretty much only player for all my music. When u have as much music as me, playing the songs is the end result, finding the song u wanna play is a much bigger task. :slight_smile:


I remember (as I’m sure many of the users of this site do) using a Unix shell to “browse” the net years ago (way before Mosaic) when commercialism on the net was frowned on. I recall people getting flamed for putting business propositions in their forum posts. Funny how things change so dramatically. Of course, you take the good with the bad. There’s obviously a LOT more content now, and I certainly don’t miss those 300 baud modems. :stuck_out_tongue:


When you consider that the same functionality costs big bucks with other programs (such as powerdvd or nero - buying it legally that is) it’s understandable that Nullsoft will want to be paid for including it aswell. However, I could never see myself using a media player to burn CDs. DVD playback is handy, but it’ll take a lot for me to move away from Windvd. Divx :slight_smile: playback out-of-the-box would be nice though :4


It would seem we will have too pay a small fee for everything we download one day :c I recall public domain disks for the Amiga being sold for one pound each at a computer fair many moons ago :4 Look @ AOL they have just increased their Flat Rate Price too 15.99 pm. Hell if I had won that $325+ millions dollars on the American lottery, I would have become an ISP with lots of T3 servers and let you all have access for free :wink: That that would upset the whole ISP community :4 In my dreams :d Greetz from The Diplomat :8 Maybe Bill Gates or AOL won the jackpot :g :frowning:


I use the mutha…and would prolly pay (token) for a new one, providing it did the job…hate these programmers who ask a fortune for bloated code and pretty gui that only saves you 2 keypresses…:+


I don’t much like the idea of these ‘do all’ programs. When I want to write a CD, I bring up my CD writing software, when I want to watch a video, I bring up Microsoft Media Player, when I want audio, I bring up Winamp 2.5e. I like simple separate and FAST programs, not these ‘do all’ programs, which I have often found to be slow and hard to use. I like my Winamp 2.5e as it has good features, but it is only an audio player and nothing else.


don’t care, version is use right now is good enough =) don’t need a cd writing engine and a dvd playback engine in an MP3 player… :slight_smile: makes no sense, for writing you use your writing prog, simple :slight_smile: so, let them make a paid version and get some money out of it, they deserve it, cos winamp rox


Ah yes, the old, “Jack of all trades, master of none” saying comes to mind. There’s alot of positive and negative arguements to both ways of thinking. Putting everything that you need in one place for convienence is one thing; making specialized, small progs that do one thing VERY well is the other point. I can agree with both sides of the coin but personally prefer the specialized progs over the do it all approach (most of the time). There’s many times that I need/want very precise control over something I’m working on or I want something optimised to do one task very well (EAC is a perfect example). As for paying for downloads, that will only make people more angry and feed piracy. So, IMO, it’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face. It’s utterly going to hurt the developer in the end. They have to make some sort of money, that’s understandable, but don’t follow some of the proprietary/greedy software companies! Why not focus on specific task oriented tools and make them the “best” around? And, something isn’t the best because it’s creator says so, it’s the end users that give that judgement call. If nullsoft made winamp with some advanced audio related features that the end user decided if they needed those extra bells and whistles, then they would buy the “pro” version at a reasonable price. If they keep the price “affordable” by 90%+ people out there, then that would curb pirating. I know that they could probably never sell this version for 5-10 dollars but that price range is very attractive IMO. At most, I’d say 15 but it better be worth it and not costing any more than that. I’m not a cheap@$$ either, I just think that software should be affordable. Think of some of the Linux distros out there, you can dl the os for “free” but you don’t get any hard-copy documentation or official support. You pay a reasonable price and you get support and a user’s manual, explaining how to use everything, etc. I think you might understand where I’m coming from…


Encoding to mp3 would be sorta nice, but DVD playback and burning have no place in Winamp. Especially considering that I am probabluy listening to mp3s while I burn cds and I can see the program causing crappy playback while burning