Nuclear power!



We shut down our reactors here, Finland builds new ones! Which is better?

I would like to build several new reactors, preferably as close to Denmark as possible (just to annoy them, they’ve always complained about the ones we shut down now). In my opinion nuclear power is the cleanest, cheapest and most reliable powersource.

And modern plants with a skilled and trained workforce are completely safe. Tjernobyl was a RBMK-reactor, a flawed design coupled with an untrained workforce that was not allowed to know all about the reactors they were set to control, as several parts of the reactor were deemed military secrets.


Next to solar and wind power, YES!

And just throw that nuclear waste into space. Mutate some aliens or mess up the sun.


New Clear Power
New Clean Power

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It would be nice if all the “Green” power stations gave us what we need but they don’t. Nuclear does and with whats been learnt it looks like the safest way of going.


A less costly way of getting rid of the waste would be to bury it deep within the bedrock. In this case I want less yamming about, let a central committe pick a spot and then we build a shelter there.


I entirely agree, except that it does not appear to be the cheapest.

The environmental impact of nuclear power is far less, then burning fossil fuels, its main opposition to it seems to be the in large part the ignorance of the general public, who think “nuclear => bomb => BAD”.

On a less condescending note I wonder how long its going to be until we have fusion power.

I can imagine it now, we are going to build a nuclear fusion plant: No No we don’t want a nuclear power station.


we could force airhead to eat the nuclear waste but na thats too mean
O hi airhead :slight_smile:


Why not hook it up a satellite, blast it into space and research a black hole with the satellite while dumping the radioactive material in it.


Fusion is utopia and I fear it will stay that way. But if somebody comes up with a way to make it work I will be the first to strive for the phasing out of nuclear power. But at the moment it is the best we’ve got.

Great idea! But its still bloody expensive! :stuck_out_tongue:

New breakfast habit for me!


Cost, and the fact that its not in a power pant anymore for a good reason, also by the time you got to the black hole, it probably woudnt be radioactive anymore!


It would be just great if nuclear fusion energy would make it… that would be a very good solution. For now it seems though that nuclear power as we know it is the only solution in many situations. I am in favour of using “green energy”, but we all know that those green installations aren’t going to cut it when it comes to our needs. My vote goes for green energy as much as possible and furthermore the next environment friendly solution to fill the needs…


What about the über-übermensch???




I’d continue using nuclear power as it is now to have an economical, clean and reliable powersource to start from. Other sources can be researched in the mean time, like fusion, but those things use more power than they deliver. As soon as the efficiency of greener/cleaner sources is improved, we can quit using nuclear power.

In the mean time, collect all the high-medium radioactive waste, “dissolve” it in concrete blocks and dump them in the sea. The actual radioactive salts will set free and dissolve so slowly in such an enormous amount of water, that the change in radioactivity won’t influence the natural radioactivity of sea water.


Let’s face it; you’ve been overruled by the mother land :wink:


Nuclear Power is the best way, many programs on TV showed that is a fact, despite the ‘greenies’ saying otherwise. The reason is it not too popular in the UK is because of opposition parties compalining, and the fact that Nuclear Power plants cost more to run than they produce (strange, but apparently true).

The problem with blasting it into space, if the shuttle of satelite blew up or crashed back into the atmosphere - well, massive fallout problems :slight_smile:


And Sweden will need to import more electricity from Norway, among others, while we have too little ourselfes in years with draught and low temperatures.
We generate 98% of our electricity with hydropower. THAT is clean. :cool:
I also agree that modern nuclear reactors is far better than building anything that emits CO2 and other greenhouse gases.
There is trials in Japan and South Africa with a new type of pebblebed reactor, said to reduce the nuclear waste by 80%. Now that is something!
As for the nuclear waste, Im sad to say that little populated mountainous areas in Norway and Sweden is prefect for storing nuclear waste, as our rock types are soild, and we dont have any earthquakes worth mentioning.

EDIT: My first sentence was meant as a continuation of BeeR Dogs post. :o


Naah, they should just adapt their use, to the amount of energy they can get from their hydropower, and keep on expanding in the “green” areas.

Ze Swedes are actually clever/innovative people, so it shouldn’t be a problem.


We can build more hydropower but wont because of opposition from northpeople. So the lost power is fully replaced with coal!


I live only 16 miles from a Nuclear power plant. Scotlands largest one i believe. It apparently produces 1/3 of our countries power needs.
Its silent and clean but expensive to run. And so far i don’t think i glow in the dark :slight_smile:


I am not fond of it, but any other option to meet the electricity needs in the XXI. century?