Nubbing out with the liteon 1107 (bestbuy model) help!

ok so i just picked it up for my dad. . now im trying to record from camcorder to dvds. . its all working fine and dandy, but my question is, how can i put more than one tape on the dvd? do i need RW discs, or can i just continue recording on the same disc? ive just recorded an hour tape, it shows up as title 01, and after that it says empty (obviously the remaining empty hour), with a little icon what looks to be a pencil, as in, write? i dont know. . so im trying to record more to a disc i have not finalized. . anyone? bueler?

wow, 30 people have looked at this, all having no idea? weak sauce. .

Let’s be blunt.

Different settings produce different time capacities on a single disc.

I’m not up on the 1100’s, but the 5000’s could be set to do either 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 hours per disc.

The more time, the lower the picture quality.

Now really, this is all in your instructions. Have you checked them?

We can’t tell you how much is left on the disc, because you haven’t said what quality level you’re using.

The fact the machine is telling you it’s full suggests…

THAT IT’S FULL!!! :smiley:

You likely used the one hour setting.

Now, the fact you’re recording off a camcorder throws a whole other set of questions into the mix.

Is it a digital camcorder?

How is it connected to the DVD recorder?

If the info is flowing in digitally, does that cause the DVD recorder to automatically select the recording speed, in other words NOT giving you options?

These questions I don’t know the answer to. I’m not up on camcorders, how they connect to LiteOn recorders, etc.

But your instruction book is.

Could you check this out and get back to us?

By the way…

How IS the 1107? Does it record both -R and +R? Is there a macro-hack for it? A region hack?


Ok, so it was basically set in 2 hour mode, the camcorder is a hi-8 (so no digital stream), and it only recorded an hours worth of footage, leaving (in the thumbnail screen) another hour titled ‘EMPTY’ hence the question as to why I cannot continue recording. I looked at the basically worthless instruction manual, written in engrish…It supposedly records both + and - however I have not tested that, as for macro hack, unsure, region yes.