Nubbie list of scan and burn programs

Now that I’m retired, for christmas 5 kids and spouses and 13 grandkids and 3 greatgrandkids got me a box full of pc components to build a pc just for burnin and gaming. They have tons of cd’s and Dvd’s they have bought and wish to have archive disc and harddrive saved copy.
It is now together!!!
asus an78xv2 board
+3200 cpu
2gig corsair match mem
ATI 9800 video
Nec burner
msi dvd/cd rom
2 quick change drv bays for 4 120 maxtor drvs
I now need find out where can go get list of best scan and burn programs. Free shareware and purchase doen’t matter as long as long as it is blessed bu you guru pros.
Please help this old man accomplish task put upon him!!!

you have not mentioned the operating system, eg., ME, XP, '98…
anyway, for burning and cd/dvd image manipulation - nero,alcohol 120%,isobuster and ultraiso are a good start [shareware]

try also deepburner [excellent free cd/dvd burning program]

Nice setup there mate:)

Scan Programs (Assuming for Copy Protection Scanning)
These programs detect CD/DVD copy protections.

A-Ray Scanner

ClonyXXL(Terrible but sometimes useful for verification)

ProtectionID (File scanner/no CD Scan)

SafeDisc Analyser

These are about all you’ll need for CD Protection identifying.

Reading And Writing programs

Alcohol 120%

These are a couple of useful programs (Shareware anyways).

Free programs

CD Burner XP Pro A Nice program that kind of acts as a file burner like Nero.
DiscJuggler Free but must use limited features.

I hope this helps and GOOD LUCK!!!:slight_smile:

DVD Decrypter

Free and excellent way to remove CSS and Macrovision protection from DVDs. The recommended first step in many DVD backup guides.

Thank you fellows!!! That’s a start
Sorry to omit OS.
This old gateway 386-33 I have had since 1989 has never let me down, but will see less use, I guess.
As far at the new PC playing with my sons XP Home, but may purchase XP Pro!!!
What do you all think? Is XP Home smart enough to handle CD/DVD burnin and suffice as a good gaming OS, or is other MS OS better suited?
Gets real confusing reading forums, with so many pros and cons on various subjects.
Is their way to get Alcoholer, Alcohol120%, CloneCD, ClonyXXL, BlindWrite to work together, so a person has essentially all the tools needed for scanning and burnin? Read so much about these programs, but totally align to my current though process and knowledge!!!
Thanks Again Guys
Jack (JellyBelly)