Nub using DVDFab & Nero needs help

Hi, I am using the freeware version of DVDFab and I have Nero 6 Ultra Edition or Alcohol 120 (whichever will work better)…I’d like to backup my DVD’s using dual layer, essentially making a clone, which is not possible with the freeware version…I already read how to uncheck the “remove layer break” under “common settings” to keep the layers. I have a few questions though…First, when I click on DVD to DVD/Full Disc, it automatically says, “Remove DTS Audio”. Does this mean that the copy I am making will have no audio track? I went ahead and ran the program and it created 2 files… AUDIO_TS (which is empty) and VIDEO_TS (which is full of vob, bup, ifo files). Secondly, how do I put these files back onto a dual layer disc that will work in a DVD player (I have Nero 6 Ultra or Alcohol 120)? Do I just add the 2 file folders to the “add files” window in Nero and hit burn or do I need to remove them from the file folders? Sorry for my newbieness…your help will be greatly appreciated and passed on to future nubs.