Nub: 1640 & TYG02 what is the optimum setup?

Ok first off search isnt explaining the best. i want to be able to burn TYG02 as fast and as high quality as possible. I dont care about any other media at this point, just TYG02.

so can anyone give me simpel directions to go from DSMB to wherever i need to go and do?

thanks in advance

What is DMSB? Both of my 1640s burn TYG02 just fine with any firmware, I had some problems with it on my 1620 but the 1640 is just fine with TYG02.

I meant BSMB, oops.

anyway unless i turn overspeed on in qsuite i can only burn 1640 at 8x. is this normal?
shouldnt i be able to burn these at 16x?

No, the TY G02 work best at 8X with the Benq 1640, SB on and WOPC on.

My attempts at 12X and 16X were disappointing whereas the 1620 can make very good burns at these higher speed using Force Spinup (Quikee’s WOPC tool)

I’ve seen any number of fantastic burns of TYG02s around here at 12x speed and WOPC off w/ the 1640. This might fall under the category of drive variability.

so there is no definitive answer?

You will have to burn them at whatever speed and scan them to see what works best for you.

just use mediaspeedcodeedit.

I never enable overspeeding on my BenQ 1640, I use MCSE to change the media codes and I get much better scans.

how do i set TYG02 so that its 12 or 16x?

You can try the TYG03 write strat. Believe pinto2 tried and you can find it in the swapping write stratagies thread in this forum.
rolling56 said it best, just do some of your own testing to find out what settings work best for you. Both my 1640’s write TYG02 very nicely with Overspeed enabled and Solid Burn set to Supported disc acivated, WOPC set to off and burned @12x. 8x is too slow for me and this media burns very well @16x with slight increase in PIE but nowhere near the 280 max limit. WOPC off may also give a slight increase in PIE and jitter towards the end of the burn but not much. P.S. Don’t set your expectations to high from the start because I believe that a lot of people out there think TYG02 is an automatic QS99 and this is not the case.

That burn is posted here .

Bellow attached burn is more of a warning than aimed at topic… :wink:
Used MCSE and imported TYG02 MID (DVD Identifier) replacing TYG03. Note this is not a write strategy swap as posted on above link!
(TYG02 MID was renamed to TYG01.)

Only tested on BSOB firmware but I think the result might been the same on any 1640 firmware.
Same media as on above link.

Burn at 16x, WOPC off and QScan2.0 trick. Result = pure coaster.


As the others have so aptly stated and demonstrated - there is no ‘stock’ answer to your question - mainly due to all the variables within any given system that the burner is running in and the variables within batches of the TY discs themselves and the differences between ‘value’ , branded (Fuji and Sony) and premium TY discs-

I personally have crossflashed my 1640 to a EW134B and burn at the firmware speeds with SB=on - OS=off - and WOPC=off and am getting 93-98 burns consistantly with the ‘value’ TYG02 discs from Shop4tech-


so this is pretty good rite?
as the filename says: WOPC SB Overspeed with BSMB @ 12x

with the helps from crossg, i found that my drives are working at its best (98+) when i set the solid burn for the known media “on” (takes 1 to 3 disks burns to settle down), wopc “on”, overspeed “off” with bsnb & burn them @8x (~10min)

the good writing quality is mostly depending on finding good media for one’s own drive. even with tyg02, consistantly good writing quality cannot be assured (98 or better score). some tyg02 is really good & others are not.

for 12x speed mcc03 (16x-r) worked well although 80% of pif/pie are on 1st 1gB area which bothers me little

if you think you need to have 98+ score to protect your data, making multiple copy of your disk might work better & takes far less time by using two or more drives at same time.

In my opinion that is an exellent burn.:iagree:
Btw, Scanning on the BenQ is nomally done at 8x on this forum.:wink:

ok sweet 4x is slooooow