Nu tech new burner problem



hello all i have an Nu Tech burner version NUTECH DVDRW DDW-081 someone nows this 1?

now u have firmware so i can upate my burner to an dvd - and + burner

NUTECH DVDRW DDW-081 is normal only +

if i update it then the burner cant read - anymore and if the burner is NUTECH DVDRW DDW-081 he can read -
who knows this problem???

please help me

i hope u guys understand my english iam an dutch boy



did you ever get help for this, i have a problem with mine, it does not recognize blank DVD+R anymore. can you help?


I have been told only 1 in 4 DDW-081’s can make a conversion to ddw-082 successfully. Most of them are in fact not capable of this conversion. To tell you the truth - I own a DDW-082 and using good media like RICOH is not a problem but it’s burn quality and compatibility with -R is atrocious. the -r part isn’t finished i don’t think - since some burnt discs read blank on some drives or not at all on the liteon, and the leadin starts late on teh B377 firmware, but correctly on the B375 etc /// lots of problems with NuTech