Nu-tech DDW-164

It’s probably one of DW1620A Pro OEM.

4x DVD+R DL and 16x DVD-R in addition to what DDW-163 has.


no nu-163 is benQ oem 1620 the nu-164 is nu’s own drive.

I don’t think so because it looks very much like CyberDrive’s DX162D to me.


Some people dont like NicW but he does beta testing for NU tech, and I am one of his beta testers for his own software DVDinfopro and I can tell you for sure nu-163 is BenQ 1620 oem , but NU-164 is true NU tech drive.

So how come it has identical front bezel as CyberDrive’s DVD writers and also identical specs as the DX162D? Surely they must be made by the same manufacturer and I doubt it’s Nu tech as CyberDrive also had an 8x DVD writer with the same look, the DX082D, very different from Nu Tech’s DDW-081/082. Quanta Storage has previously also said that they now focus on slim type burners because of the hard competition for half height burners so why launch an own 16x writer now as the more or less last manufacturer to do so? It doesn’t make sense.

I think KenW is right .

The ddw-164 is not a BEnq dw1620 clone , the firmware ver. on NU Tech website is 16QF

I too now believe it’s based on the cyberdrive DX 162D design .
I have now a brand new ddw-164 in my possesion .
I am thinking of returning and get the ddw-163 instead beacuse that’s a real 1620 .

In that case, this thread does not fit here anymore. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t make sense to me that Nu-tech should choose anything other than BenQ DW1620A Pro for NU DDW-164, but well somebody might have offered lower prices.

If it is the CyberDrive then it is based on the Philips Nexperia chipset. So it should belong here.

If you check the firmware from Nu Tech that honore66 linked to you’ll see that it contains the string “CyberDrv DVD+R/RW” as well as various CyberDrive model names like DX082D and DX162D…

just adding to the last post :

Comparing cyberdrive’s firmware for the DX162D here

and NUtech’s firmware for the DDW-164 here

as you can see the actual *.*exe application for changing the firmware is almost identical on both drives…

To confirm things, I was able to successfully flash a Nu-tech DDW-164 (firmware 17QF) to the Cyberdrive DX162D-A v1.50F firmware. So it appears that these drives are extremely similar, if not the same, as the firmware is interchangeable. I think I’ll be using the Cyberdrive firmware since it’s more recent, unless anyone knows of a problem?

Answered here.

ok, here is what Nu reply for my question, it’s original in chinese…

  1. DDW-164 is not NU manufactured.
    they didn’t say who OEM for them, but i think it’s probably CyberDrive. honore66 and jsl were right. and i can flash DDW-164 to DX162-D as ZaP37 say so.
  2. and because DDW-164 is not a NU products, so it doesn’t support “BitSetting”.
    as i use DVDInfoPro, it say that DDW-164 is not a NU products…
    Even those, DVD-164 default setting will booktype DVR+R/RW and DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM, that’s what they said.
    hope this help! ( if u know what i saying ^^ )