Nu tech DDW-162 vs BenQ DW16xx

As some know the the nu tech is also philips chipset so I think its not off topic to post about nu tech in benQ philips forum. It would seem that nu tech 162 and BenQ 16xx model have almost the same specs. at least 1630 and 162 do. Id be interested if anyone has seen the nu tech 162 yet and if so what they think about it.

If the press release was correct the DDW-162 supports Justlink and then it won’t be using Philips chipset.

Ricoh chipset:

is roch chipset better? if so in what way

NU today released the DDW-162 double layer DVD writer, supporting 16X DVD Writing and 2.4X DVD R DL ( Double-Layer). The drive will be available in Europe early September.

The DDW-162, is able to write DVD+R media at 16X maximum and DVD-R media at 8X, rewrite DVD+RW up to 8X & DVD-RW media at 4X, and read DVD-ROM media at 16X maximum. In addition, it can write CD-R media at 48X , rewrite CD-RW at 32 and read CD-ROM media at 48X.

Furthermore, the DDW-162 is able to write 2.4X DOUBLE LAYER DVD R that allows you to store up to 8.5GB which is approximately 4 hrs DVD video quality and 16 hrs VHS video quality for TV recording.

NU has included Nero VISION for video capture, editing, authoring, Nero Mediaplayer for DVD playback, Nero Express 6 for creating music and data discs. Incorporated state-of-the-art technology such as Seamless Link and Dual Suspension Mechanism, provide a stable and buffer under run free operation.

such as Seamless Link

This is only found in philips chipsets.

Weird, the press release at NU Global stated Justlink:
And as this guy at NU Europe confirms it’s a Ricoh chipset a think this is correct.

I would not bet on it till we see one.

If it’s Ricoh, then you might as well forget about it. I don’t think I’ve ever had or seen a Ricoh based drive that works well :slight_smile:

At least, that has been my experience and echoes that of my friends.

Not that NuTech drives have been that stellar with Nexperia chipsets either :slight_smile:

nicW says that he talk to nu tech about 162 chipset and its true its ricoh, he think they did it so they would not have model 082 owners crossflashing to 162’s

Or most likely just the price and reliability of Nexperia chips. So far, Nu and BenQ are the only ones using Nexperia. BenQ has the benefit of Philips’ help. Nu does not. And it might just be that Nu is having a lot of trouble getting the Nexperia chip to work right, lacking the help from Philips themselves.

This whole crossflashing-prevention theory is rather silly. There are so many alternative ways that are much less complicated and radical than this. Furthermore, it’s highly unlikely that the 162 will have the exact same hardware–motor, PUH, analog filter, etc.–as the 82, esp. given the requirements of 16x and the age of the 82. I don’t think that’s their reason. More likely to be technical or even cost-related.

you could be righ I was just relaying what I found out, as I now own the BenQ 1600 and hope to update it to 1620 once fw is out, I guess its moot point, but at one time I was looking at BenQ 1600 or nu 162 and benQ released first so got that , it was good price
129.95 after a 20.00 USD rebate. oem as digital research, from officedepot.

DAMN U! all our office depots closed here in Columbus! :a