Nu-Tech DDW-082 CD reading/burning problem

can someone help me with this.

my DDW-082 (f/w 375) suddent just wont recognize any cds (blank/burned/commercial) that i put in the drive. everytime i put in a cd, windows would tell me there are no media present. it will burn and read all the dvds perfectly, but cannot “see” any cds at all.

i tried to switch from secondard master to primary master, but the drive still wont work. i tried it on linux and on another computer, but still no luck.

but the weird thing is, if i load the windows xp cd and boot up from the drive, it will read the cd perfectly. but if i put it in after windows is loaded, it wont see the cd at all.

any thoughts??

should i call nu-tech (do they even have a 800 number?) or something?? the drive is still under warrenty (manufactured on Feb 26, 2004 and bought around may/june of 2004)

any thoughts?

I think your drive is damaged. I have a similar problem. my nutech drive can’t recognive DVD’s. I sent it to repair today.

where did u send it to repair?? back to nu tech or ??

thanks in advance

I sent it back to where I bought it


too late for me to send it back to newegg :frowning:

don’t you have guarantee at newegg?

newegg only has warrenty for 30 days, if i read it correctly.

nu tech doesnt even have a 800 number to call. i emaild them twice and still no response

30 days is really not that much. normally you get 1 year guarantee or at least 2 years if you live in europe

never mind, i re-read their policy, 30 days for return, but one year for RMA.

i got one of the reply back from nu tech. they told me to RMA w/ newegg, and i did.

now all i can do is wait and see if newegg will give me a working one.

thanks for the help klumy

Great to hear :wink:
Hope they will fix it

I also have a NU-DDW-082 where the CD read/write has failed as of today.

  1. The NU-Tech website shows a 1-year warrenty for NU-082 models.

  2. below is an email dialog I found on a german forum between a DDW-061 owner and an engineer at NU-Tech wich revealed the following information regarding the CD-R/RW read/write problems for the models DDW-061-DDW-082:

Hallo Support ,

i have a DDW-061 drive since 1 week he has problems to read and write all CD-Rs Medias!!

All the same which manufacturer (CD-R) of ricoh or verbatim or other Media`s etc…

Is that a Drive DEFECT? My Firmware is BX-32. The Production of the drive is 15. October.

What is here the problem?? Quality problem ? I read in germany forum that many people`s

have the same problem!! Other people`s report that the problem comes from Firmware B373!!

The F irmware B373 is to cause allegedly defect!! Is that correct?? Why ??

Yours sincerely

Hi Thorsten,

Did you have B373 on your DDW-061? or did you have BX32 the whole time?

Please also check the following.

  1. Update your bios to the latest version
  2. Make sure your Motherboard driver has the latest driver
  3. Your IDE cable should be atleast 80pins 45cm ATA66 preferably higher.

Yours sincerely,

Field Application Engineer


thank you for your fast answer!! You see on my e-mail, that i have no problems until one week ago with the drive!! On the Drive is the BX32.

Sorry because i have no problem with Motherboard driver or 80pin cable or bios from Motherboard!! I am work at a electronic`s company!!

Please read my e-mail and my ask!! Than you can see what my problem is!!

My System works with the drvice since one week without problem`s nothing changed!!

Yours sincerely,

Hi Thorsten,

Sorry to hear your experiencing problems with our drives.
But it sounds like a pickup-head problem, please return the drive to the shop you purchased it from
and ask for a replacement/repair.


Field Application Engineer


which models and which production periods are affected by pickup head problem?

comes by the firmware B373 ?? whereby the problem comes ?? I have still one ddw 081 have the model the same problems (functioned still perfectly for the moment)


Hi Thorsten,

This is individual per drive that it sometimes as in your case a problem occured with the pickup-head.
Its not a specific production period, but it goes from ddw-061 to ddw-082 since they are hardware wise nearly the same.

Field Application Engineer

Thorsten also adds that the pickup head on the NU 061-082 is a Philips Nexperia PNX7850 Chipset + OPU 66.30 for which some seem to have quality problems. (Philips DVDRW824 also uses the same pickup head!!)

If your drive still is under warranty (EU = 2 years, no matter what the NU-Tech website reads) return the drive to the dealer you purchased it from. In most cases repair is not possible, so either new drive, or money back.



I don’t know how to describe my feelings … seeing another person encountered the same problem with me. All in all, I don’t recommend anybody to bet with your luck. And I am sure it’s NU-related problem, my BenQ 800A reads/burns CDs lke a charm.