NU Tech Anyone?

As I am seriously considering a NU Tech DVD writer, is there anyone with real life experiences on this drive?
I’ve read the reviews at CDRLabs and AnandTech, (both positive) and coupled with the fact that there is a bittsetting utility, (thus the need for a duel drive a non issue-or am I missing something on this?) and the price, it appears to be a pretty good deal.
Non issues for me are CDR burning and DVD extraction as I will continue to use my current drives.
The only questions I can think of are media compatibilty and DVD burn quality.

I had one but I had some problems with the drive door locking up from time to time but I think it was do to failed burns. The good news is all failed burns came on cd-r not dvd. My drive didnt like to burn bin & cue files and also had problems reading vcds. It did a fine job at dvd burning.