NU releases ultimate 16x DVD dual burner

I just posted the article NU releases ultimate 16x DVD dual burner.

Taipei, Taiwan- July 9,
2004 nu, a leading brand of hi-end optical devices, today released
DDW-162, the World’s fastest DVD writer supporting both 16X DVD Writing and 2.4X

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is Nu a rebrand of something/

NU is a branch of QSI (Quanta Storage Inc.) which is a Taiwanese manufacturer of optical drives. The 8x writers were based on Philips chipset but it looks like NU uses something else for this 16x writer as it supports Justlink (Ricoh or NEC chipset?) and not Seamless link.

Hm seems like they have dropped the philips chipset an went for the Ricoh chipset this time… (justlink vs seamless link). Will be interesting to see how that works out

DVD+RW up to 8X, that’s a first. Can’t wait for others to follow.

Any word about bitseting on this drive? -R/+R ?