NU DDW-163 on way, what I need to flash?

Thanks to the great threads here I ordered a NU DDW-163 retail from newegg. I spent last few days trying to understand all this flash talk, official benq flasher etc. Cant seem to find it thru google or link here. I did find and download B7T9 from benq. Before I do something stupid is that what I need to get NU DDW-163 to read and write at its best? If so I guess I all set then.

P.S. Does this drive like princo well enough that I can use up few cheapies I have here left over from my last drive? I know alot people dont like them but they never once given me issues.

Go to the link below and download WinDWflash.exe and B7T9.cvt This will flash you to the latest BenQ firmware.


My NU DDW-163 is on its way. I couldn’t resist jumping on the $55.99 1 day deal on Newegg. Once I get it, I’m flashing to the newest firmware also. Is that B7T9.cvt the only file needed to flash besides winflash?

Yes, thats it


I picked up the NU DDW163 in late December. It’s been a dream; burned my way through 100 or more, all using G7P9.

I’ve read conflicting information, though, about voiding warranty flashing to “B” type firmware, so I’ve kept to “G” for a while; besides, P9 is doing just fine on the cheap media I’m using.

I had some 150 CD-R blanks my father gave me, which he purchased in bulk (maybe 1,000) for himself. They are CMC-Mag, and would not burn any faster than 4x on my Memorex 48MAXX. The BenQ produces a great CD-R burn on these at 16x (cd speed, mind you).

So far, it’s been the best $60 peripheral I’ve purchased, ever.