NU ddw-163 firmware to Benq 1620?

Hey everyone, i’ve read alot of great reviews on the Benq 1620, and see that the firmware is upgraded very often. Unfourtunately I can only find the NU ddw-163 where I live, but have read on this forum that the two drives are basically the same model.

Is it possible to upgrade the firmware to a Benq Firmware?( My reasoning is since Benq has more frequent firmware releases it will have a more updated/stable firmware, please correct me if I am wrong).

And does the 163 have the same level of compatibility with cheap media?

Any help would be greatly appriciated, and thank you for your time :slight_smile:


Yes, it is possible to use Benq firmware on the NU 163. I bought a NU which was a OEM Benq(firmware G7H9).
With WinDWFlash it is possible to flash the Nu drive with any retail or oem Benq firmware(firmwares must be .CVT files)
Look at this page for both utilities and firmwares

THank you very much for your help, much appriciated :smiley:

Sorry to revive an old thread. I am in the same situation as Robin - only NU drives available where I live. Just curious about two things:
Are ALL NU ddw-163 rebadged Benq 1620 or is it a big lottery?
And if i DON’T crossflash to benq 1620 will I be able to do disc quality scans?

CD speed doesn’t seem to have the ddw-163 on the list of compatible drives

Thanks in advance


  1. Yes, all NU DDW-163 drives are BenQ DW1620. NU DDW-164 is Cyberdrive.

  2. From my experiences, only BenQ firmware versions are allowed in tests by BenQ and CD-DVD Speed.

I bought an NU-163 on Newegg, and its successfully flashed to a Benq 1620 with fw B7T9

I had a Nu-Technology DDW-163 (Before I sold it to a friend) and it flashed off beautifully to B7T9 with no problems and as far as I know that drive is still running perfectly fine.

Thanks a lot. I will go right ahead and buy the DDW-163 then :slight_smile:

I will probably wait a while before I flash it to a Benq though, because I would like to test it before I break the warranty. Also, I’m quite unexperienced in the flashing process (only reference is an old Lite-On).

And I can do 16x disk quality scan on DDW-163@B7U9.

Does any of this apply to a DDW-082, if so or not, can anyone tell me if the DDW-082 can be flashed to become a different drive?

isn’t it a benq 822?


i also wish to know this