NU DDW-082 Problem

Hey everybody,

I recently bought a NU DDW-082 from newegg.  It can read dvds, cd-rs, etc properly, but when it comes to burning CD-Rs there's a problem.  I've tried using Nero to burn several CD-Rs so far, and they all turned out to be coasters.  Also, in Nero, the max writing speed selectable is 16x.

I've updated the firmware to B375 already and I can't find anything else to install, but it still doesn't work.  I've tried burning ISOs, data CDs, and audio CDs, all ending up under a cold beverage.

I use the CQ Quality CD-Rs from fry's... they work fine on my Lite-On 24x burner, but they dont for my DDW-082.  My system specs are:

Athlon 64 3000+
MSI K8t neo-fsr
9800 Pro 128mb
2x512mb Geil pc3200
Nu DDW-082
80gb Western Digital SATA
200gb Maxtor IDE


Sorry, forgot to ask my question.

What can I do to maybe fix this?

I have an 082 also running 375 firmware. I sometimes have trouble burning cd’s beyond 16x. Also has anyone else noticed interference with their sound card using this drive. Whenever it is spinnig the onboard sound on my AN-35Untra gets really bad static. I have tried another cd drive and it sounded fine. I have also noticed that the transfer speed is quite slow. It takes about 25 minutes to transfer a data dvd-r to my harddrive using explorer. I would suggest others stay away from this drive. If anyone has any suggestions to help resolve my problems, they would be greatly appreciated.


Come on, I NEED HELP!!! :sad: :iagree:

Sadly, 081/082 was infamous cd performance in taiwan. 081/082 may suddenly can’t read/burn cd-rs. There were many examples happened in taiwan. The only solution is RMA 082.

I suggest you RMA or return 082 immediately.

I have a DDW-062 that I have updated with every firmware upgrade and I feel bad telling you this but My drive works perfict except it will not record a 210 meg cd. I am now running B377 firmware

Check for ultra DMA settings, Put dvd drive as primary drive, use dma 66 cable, use windows 2000 or newer opp sys

Dear sir, it has nothing to do with my system. I have ASUS 0402P, Ricoh MP5240A, BenQ DW800A, and they all worked flawlessly on my system.

According to many unlucky users feedback in taiwan, it just a chance of getting a good/bad NU 061/081. I was ever a unlucky owner of NU 081. My 081 suddenly couldn’t burn any cd-rs(Ritek, CMC, Prodisc, TY tried). After 3 times RMA, the problem was still there. I had sold out 081 and got 800A instead.